Copernicus Gold’s online integration with currency brokers and foreign exchange position management technology enable operation in the exchange market of smaller amounts for both various fintech companies and banks which usually do not benefit from smaller amounts exchange just because of the low automation level of such processes and the high costs.

This product offers three modes:

  • First is an embedded mode, where all the necessary exchange transactions are carried out via the API and are integrated with the existing software, whereas Copernicus Gold itself is not visible to the end-user.
  • The second type is a branded mode in which a separate application (for example, an app under a bank's brand name providing exchange transactions for the bank's clients) may be created on the basis of an existing web, mobile or another Copernicus Gold application.
  • The third mode is integration with the banks where Copernicus Gold’s accounts are opened. There is also an option to enter into a separate agreement with a bank, for it to promote such exchange transactions with Copernicus Gold to its clients. As the accounts are maintained within the same bank, deposit and withdrawal transactions become instant.