Copernicus Gold multi-currency platform's alliance with a mobile operator would let the latter quickly establish and provide access to its own payment infrastructure for all its subscribers. Mobile operators have the best opportunities to develop their payment systems, as the mobile connection coverage is quite high in most countries and almost everyone has already got a mobile phone number which can easily serve as their account.

Using Copernicus Gold multi-currency platform is a benefit for a mobile operator, as it would not have to bear any costs of development and maintenance of its own payment infrastructure. The payment system automatically opens electronic wallets for subscribers using the cash collateral with the bank (the account number there would be their mobile number). The entry threshold is extremely low: any mobile carrier’s subscriber automatically becomes the system’s client and is able to send payments straight away.

Subscribers can use this to pay for their online purchases (at online stores, online gaming platforms, social networks and traditional services like utilities, parking, etc.) and for offline ones, which turns a phone into a payment tool replacing a credit card. The acquiring fee for payments at the shops will be substantially lower than the existing credit card acquiring fee.

There are no additional expenses needed to connect online shops. Several options of processing payments using Copernicus Gold wallets are available for other sellers. No mobile Internet is required to use the USSD services. This significantly increases the services coverage as no smartphone is required to connect via USSD and an old GSM mobile phone would be enough. Being able to connect other mobile provider’s settlements' parties (for example, payment terminals or suppliers) to Copernicus Gold will allow to make these settlements instant and substantially reduce receivables.

Cooperation with Copernicus Gold offers a mobile provider a faster way to achieve its leading and stable position in the payments market and even play its role as a part of the nationwide payment system (and, in certain conditions, of the international one).

If the mobile provider operates in several jurisdictions (with different currencies) Copernicus Gold may become an effective tool for its currency exchange.