World currencies fluctuate and saving money in them may lead to unpredictable, sudden wins... and losses. All of those who save want keeping their funds guaranteed, which has become possible with Copernicus Gold.

Your account here features several currencies and one of them is digital gold - the one linked to real physical gold.

First, every unit (gram) of digital gold is issued by us only upon the purchasing of the correspondent amount of real gold which is then securely stored at awell-reputed gold depository in Singapore.

Second, it means your savings in digital gold will never be lost due to changes of any world currency rates. The price of gold may always be expressed in any fiat currency, so whatever happens to dollar or anything else - you're safe.

Third, gold has been well known as one of the most reliable investment metals. Thus all the flexibility of the account - immediate conversions and payments in gold and fiat currencies - meets the reliability and the real prospect of earning.

And sure, you can always withdraw money from your account to a bank account.