Q: What has Copernicus Gold achieved so far?

I would just like to draw some parallels. For example, a bank has a CBS (core banking system). In our case the blockchain takes the CBS's place.

The client never operates with the CBS directly. The developers team of the bank should wrap CBS using the service software, so that the clients can operate certain things they are familiar with, like "send a payment", "take a loan", "make a deposit", "exchange currency", and others.

But the banks' clients usually don't think of the CBS's advantages or disadvantages. They are actively discussing which bank has the best internet banking, where more types of financial services could be provided without having to visit the bank, they analyse the range of services and their user friendliness.

We have also provided a solution similar to that. We have wrapped our improved blockchain using the service software. Our services are also user-friendly for our clients, just like the banking services.

You can make payments, buy gold in as small amounts as you like, you may never wish to use the digital gold, and only use the regular fiat currencies, you can exchange one currency for another.

Q: How can clients transfer money to your system?

Just like to a bank - using a wire transfer or a banking card.

Q: What makes you better than a regular bank?

We operate 24/7 in physical online (please read how it is different from the informational online in our "The Blockchain Revolution in the market of gold" article at copernicusgold.com). People who like gold can buy it with minimal charges. All the currency exchange is also provided at a less expensive fees than the banks'.

You can open an account without having to visit our office. Our system is fully automated. Even the KYC client identification procedure is done remotely.