Q: Why would anyone buy the gold from Copernicus Gold?

There are many reasons why this is an attractive option. Let’s say, in South-East Asia there is a custom to give the bride gold jewellery for her wedding. Rich people can buy it right before the wedding and give it. People who are less well-off have to save for years. And it is better to make savings in physical gold itself, rather than in some currencies. For example, even the US dollar since the year 2000 has lost its value against gold by more than 4 times. And if we take a hundred years, this makes more than 60 times. There is no need to even mention the rest of the currencies. It's just frustrating.

So before the wedding the bride's parents can exchange physical gold at a jewellery shop for the jewellery they need. And for the shop it is easier to accept the payments from the customer not in bullions, but our digital gold, linked to physical gold, which is stored with our brokers. Because these shops are as a rule already working with the same brokers.

A young man asked me to give a comment on his desire to make savings in gold for his prosperous retirement using the services of our system. At the moment he is thirty. His plan is to invest a few hundred dollars every month, and to buy around ten kilograms of gold from us. Would he have a prosperous retirement? Will he be able to spin in a whirlwind of pleasures, travelling all over the Globe? And maybe even have a trip to the moon or Mars? I admire the enviable plans and joie de vivre of this young man. :) Copernicus Gold is happy to help him.

Copernicus gold would also be interesting for speculators. An opportunity allowing them to exchange currencies (including gold) directly, without having to withdraw them from the system, at low rates, allows them to earn money with exchange rates fluctuations.

Central Banks currently are actively discussing a possibility of parallel currencies circulation on their countries' territories. There was an actual discussion about this with an official of one of the Central Asian countries. They have extremely low dollar revenues, but the gold mining volumes are quite high. With the recent economic crises, their population is actively shifting their investments from the national currency to US Dollars, and since there is a lack of dollars in their country, this results in sudden devaluation of the national currency. But if that country had another currency in circulation, which would have physical gold as its collateral, this would provide one more instrument to protect people’s savings, and would significantly stabilize their financial market.

At the same time, a similar situation is coming to Russia as well. The prices for energy resources have collapsed, and the dollar revenues have decreased, while Russia produces enough gold. This is the reason why the currency backed by physical gold could also be considered as an instrument stabilizing the financial market.

Copernicus Gold could provide a platform to issue such a currency.