Q: Can we trust you? How reliable are you?

The main principle of our project is reliability. In everything.

The project wasn't launched offshore, where you're allowed to do anything you wish, but in one of the world's most strict jurisdictions, Singapore, having one of the strictest penal systems for any type of offence.

We comply with all the rules of regulatory authorities. We provide proper identification of our clients. In accordance with all the requirements of financial monitoring rules, we are monitoring our clients' transactions to counter the illegal income legalization (money laundering) and the financing of terrorism. Otherwise stated, we have ensured that our operations are run in the most fair, lawful, and transparent manner.

The project's economic business model has been designed to follow the same principles. We have eliminated any kinds of financial transactions that might affect our ability to meet our obligations to our clients. We do not accept deposits, nor we originate loans, or trade in speculative markets, and we do not deposit the funds on our clients' account balances.

Copernicus Gold always has the 100% liquidity, and is able to fully fulfil any of its obligations towards its clients at any time.

The Copernicus Gold's reserve of physical gold is controlled by a robot that maintains its appropriate volume in accordance with the clients' demand. This robot's function is based on a mathematical model, that has allowed us to break the Copernicus-Gresham Law, and it guards our gold reserve from buying it out for fiat currencies. A patent application has been recently submitted to register the solution for this task.

Due to the full automation of all operations, we do not require to have offices in different locations to provide customer service, which also means that we have extremely low costs and high competitive pricing capacity compared to other financial institutions.

Our project is protected from any harm and mistakes of employees, as it operates in a fully automated mode. Our system core is developed using the most robust blockchain platform, which is the Bitcoin's blockchain, operating in the market for over 8 years already.