Q: How would you make money? How would you attract clients? Why would people come to you? What makes you better than the others?

Any project, and our project is not an exception, should have an outstanding media support. Approximately in September we are planning a number of events with extensive global coverage. What are they? For us personally this is not a secret, but disclosing this too early would spoil the surprise effect. So we can only wait and see in September :)

To win the market, we place our stake on our immediate transactions, their low costs and heightened interest in blockchain technologies. People would like to try and test such a technology that has been hitting the headlines with its innovation. What's this thing anyway? Well this thing is really a great one. :)

Our platform allows both individuals and companies to connect directly. We have launched with this mode in Singapore. But this mode is only the beginning of the process. We need it just to ensure that all our technology solutions have great performance.

Our key pillar is our operation in API mode. Recently this mode is a popular model used to describe the scenarios for the future of financial technology industry called Bank-as-a-Service. In other words, here a settlement bank turns into an IT platform for other market players, who work directly with their clients, who need the financial transactions services.

For example, a team of developers has decided to create a payment service for social networks, and we as Bank-as-a-Service provide our services for cloud client data storage, we carry out transactions between the clients of the system for purchases at online shops, or for other payments, and we also provide client account statements online.

We can provide such services to any other market players. For example, to mobile providers, multiple fintech startups and even to the banks.

I'd like to particularly note the banks. The fact is that the existing banking technologies include manual operations and are quite expensive. Using us as Bank-as-a-Service, the banks can significantly reduce their costs, for example, for smaller amounts of currencies exchange, or when they enter new markets. Or they can offer their clients to buy physical gold. Moreover, both parties have their benefits. We get a large client base, while the banks, get a capacity to reduce the fees using our fully automated online technologies based on blockchain-platform through the API, to increase their competitiveness and to provide a leading position in these markets. Both parties win.

We consider this positioning approach to be the most cost-efficient both for us and for our market partners.