Copernicus Gold web and mobile app

You can use the online application main page to choose whether you want to create an account from your computer or from your smart phone.
Activate via SMS or USSD
Our 2 factor authentication uses SMS or USSD to activate your account. A 4 digit permanent PIN will be created for your account. To login you will receive an OTP sent to your mobile.
Account limits
Anyone can operate a Copernicus Gold account using their cellphone number as account number. The account is initially limited due to restriction imposed to Non-Relevant customers by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) requires that Relevant customers are fully identified through a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure and photographic identification. Once fully identified, the maximum balance amount becomes unlimited.
  • Non-Relevant (Limited)
  • Balance
  • Maximum balance: SGD 250
  • Total top up: SGD 500 (monthly)
  • Non-Relevant (Limited)
  • Transactions
  • To Users: Not allowed
  • To Merchants: SGD 250 (monthly)
  • Collecting physical gold: SGD 250 (monthly)
  • Purchasing jewellery: SGD 250 (monthly)
  • Relevant
  • Balance
  • Maximum balance: Unlimited
  • Total top up: Unlimited
  • Relevant
  • Transactions
  • To Users: SGD 50,000 (daily)
  • To Merchants: SGD 50,000 (daily)
  • Collecting physical gold: SGD 18,000 (daily)
  • Purchasing jewellery: SGD 18,000 (daily)

Gold stored in Singapore

Our logistic partner Brinks stores our gold bars in Le Freeport facilities in 32 Changi N Crescent, Singapore 499643

Stored on 08/05/2017
Gold Bullion

Certificate: C693172

Weight: 1 kg

Fineness: 999.9